Monday, February 14, 2011

English 101

So today is my first blog in this project. I am going to blog anonymously as I tend to give too much away sometimes and this way I protect my school and students (and myself).

The reason I decided to start this blog is because last year was the worst year of my life. Although I have been teaching for a few years now, last year I moved to a new school with higher standards and a larger workload. Due to pressure and my own general strive to be perfect I ended up at the lowest point I have ever been and was ultimately diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

I am now on medication and having councilling, and I think this forum of sharing ideas and support between English teachers will be very helpful in gaining my confidence back. Already I am feeling a lot more comfortable and at ease this year, but I know it will be later in the year when the NCEA pressure mounts, the marking piles up and reports are due when I will really be tested.

So that is a bit of info behind my reason for blogging and being a part of this project. I hope you will stay with me on this journey and share your own views as well as gaining something (hopefully) from my experiences.

Ms M.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the ride out :) I had an awful year last year as well - lots of different things outside of my control just seemed to keep on coming. i managed to survive, just, and here I am ready to keep going. I suffered depression a couple of years ago - but well and truly feel like I have shaken that particular shadow beast now.