Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Proud teacher moment

Well, we did it! I am using a very loose version of 'we' as I actually did very little. But as a school we have just finished our production run of High School Musical. It was phenomenal. Absolutely legend - wait for it - ary.

I had my absolutely proud teacher face on for most of the last two weeks. They have just been so focused, determined and dedicated. Unfortunatly this has resulted in a lot of time out of class, but our cricket/rugby/football/tiddlywinks/any sports team have far more lessons off so I can absolutely let them have 2 lesson off out of the year for a production of such epic magnitude.

There were over 300 people involved in making the production such a success, and all 5 shows were sold out. Man, the buzz was just unbelievable. It's shows like this, when everyone comes together for a common epic goal, that make being a teacher so totally worth it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

After the break

I always thought that an 11 week term wasn't really that bad, it was only one week longer than usual, but of course I was mistaken. By the end of last term I was so exhausted that nothing but an epic 15hour sleep could renew me. So when I found myself on a plane flying to Auckland on Sunday afternoon after only one day of rest, I was wondering why the hell I had actually thought that going to a 4 day conference in the middle of my much needed holiday was a good idea.

It turned out it was much more than a good idea, it was an amazing experience. I was able to meet all these people that I had only been communicating with in the virtual world up until now. I mingled with some of the best in the country at what we do. I attended lectures with fantastic keynote speakers from around the world. I came back buzzing with new ideas and inspiration.

The only downside was that it was in e first week of the holidays, which meant that when I came back buzzing with ideas and inspiration I still had a week and a half of my holidays before I could really put my ideas into action.

I have still managed to set up quite a few things though. I have set up my own Weebly account so I can share photos, videos and students work with our wider school community. I have set up a google doc. that my Year 9's are using to collaboratively write their own novels. I have been using emails and their own private facebook pages for alerts on homework and assessments that are due (without them being able to actually access my personal page). There were so many ideas that were shared that I haven't found a use for yet but I am constantly looking.

I have been to my fair share of boring, mundane and irrelevant PD days, but this was something more. This was relevant, exciting and forward focused. I have been scouring the NZ teaching pages to look for new PD sessions I can attend now. It has made me fall back in love with learning, which I have always been but my passion has now been fully reignited. After suffering such crippling depression last year it was just what I needed at the right time to really lift me up.

So thank you so much to everyone who helped organise it, or presented or even attended. It was a fantastic way to spend some time in the holidays am I am very appreciative of all of you.

Cheers :)